Performance Based Seismic Design, Evaluation and Retrofittings

Performance Based Seismic Design, Evaluation and Retrofitting

One of our major inhouse capability include designing a structure to achieve a specific performance level for all structural and nonstructural elements of the building under a seismic condition. Performance base design and evaluation are carried out as per ASCE guidelines and recommendations.

Buildings can be designed/Retrofitted to meet following performance levels.

Structural Performance Level
  • Immediate occupancy Structural performance level.
  • Enhance safety Structural performance Range.
  • Life safety Structural performance level.
  • Reduced safety Structural performance Range.
  • Collapse Prevention Structural performance level.
  • Structural Performance not considered.
  • Non-Structural Performance Level
  • Operational Non-structural Performance Level
  • Position Retention Non-structural Performance Level
  • Life Safety Non-structural Performance Level
  • Hazards Reduced non-structural Performance Level
  • Non-structural Performance Not Considered